The Weather

Sorry for talking about the weather – it’s not because i’m bored, or unimaginative; it’s just creeping me out…

So: The Weather. We are now in November and still, STILL, it’s freakishly warm. Today it was 17 decrees. That is waaay too hot, dudes. Where is the Autumn Bite? Where is the Arctic Wind? I’m getting dressed in all my new wintry clothes in the vain hope that today, maybe today, winter (or even autumn!) will arrive.

Now I have this book called ‘the land of little rain’ that my grandma used to read to me when I was really little (aww…) and to cut a not-very-long story short, the guys want some rain, do some funky dancing, and voila – rain.

My plan is not to do a rain dance but to do a ‘cold weather’ dance. Luckily enough for you you cant see me prancing about my bedroom so you’ll just have to take my word for it, but please, before you go to bed tonight, do a little jig on the spot, just whisper ‘cold’ and we shall see what happens….

email in to with your tales of cold-dances!

byeee for now…

x.x M


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