Gossip Girl

Ok, so i know Gossip Girl’s on Wednesdays, but my grandma came down to stay yesterday, and what with one thinVanessa and Momg and another i only just found the time to catch up… anyway; it was quite an episode huh?!

Firstly, Vanessa really got on my nerves. She was sooo manipulative and…back-stabbing! I mean, we all love Blaire for being just that – but she’s Blaire. Vanessa is Vanessa and she should totally stick to being the ‘good girl’.

(btw did anyone else notice how amazing Vanessa and her mum looked at the NYU speech party?!) right:

Secondly – poor Serena. She tries her very hardest to please Carter only to find him ungracious and, frankly, quite childish!

I do think Blaire got what she deserved with Chuck though. Silly girl… 😉

x.x M


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