The Host – Stephanie Meyer

Everyone’s read the Twilight Saga, but how many people have read Stephanie Meyer’s other book: The Host?

I have! And recently, a lot of people who know my bookaholic tendancies have been asking: is it any good? So here is my opinion on the  book.

Bascially, The Host is set on Earth in a time when nearly all humans’ minds have been invaded by these weird little spirit things. The human in question is booted off the control panel of their mind / body etc and just goes into hibernation, except the few humans whose minds are strong enough to resist. These humans don’t particularly like the fact that their entire race is being controlled.

The main character, Mel, is one of these people and she finds some more people like her… I can’t tell you too much or the book will be ruined!

The Host is written in a very similar way to the Twilight Saga, with a few characters who I found remarkably similar to characters in the Twilight Saga (namely a Jacob equivalent), and with the same strong passionate love fuelling the plot.

Definately worth a read, and I was completely absorbed when I got into it – but you have to plough through a nonsensical first few chapters to get there. Don’t worry; it will all make sense in the end!

x.x M


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