Blair Waldorf

I love the Gossip Girl cast for their amazing clothes and individual styles, so I’ve decided to do a Gossip Girl mini-series with Blair, Sererna, Jenny and Vanessa’s styles from the highstreet!

First up: Blair Waldorf.

Although Leighton Meetster might not always stick to Blair’s prim and proper look in real life, I love the vintage twist to the youngest Waldorf’s wardrobe on Gossip Girl.

Rose Alice BandKnitted Dogtooth JacketPointed Flower RingTwisted Loop StudsJESSY Mary Jane ShoeSHERBERT Bow Platform ShoePolka Dot Cameo Clip

here’s where I found them, from top left across:

hairband – topshop cardigan – topshop, ring – topshop, earrings – topshop,shoe – topshop, blouse – asos, shoe – topshop, skirt – asos,  bag – chanel (sorry guys..I know we can’t afford it but it’s soo pweety!), hair slides – topshop

x.x M


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2 responses to “Blair Waldorf

  1. The bag is beautiful, REALLY want it!!

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