90210 Mini-Series…Naomi Clark

I am completely in love with 90210 this year, and it’s not just the storylines or the hot guys.

It’s the stunning wardrobe, I genuinley want to climb into the television and steal their clothes. Just oozing LA chic…

So, first of all we have, Naomi Clark:

So, in 90210, we all know Naomi as the ‘rich bitch’ character, although in this latest series, you can’t help but love to hate her. Her style is probably one of my favourites on 90210; she goes for tight-fitting, Herve Leger style bold dresses (which match her bold personality) to boyish tailored shorts teamed with sky-high heels and is never seen without her sidekick and a Starbucks Frappucino.

So heres a few things that will help you get that ‘Naomi’ vibe into your wardrobe….

(click to enlarge)

From top left: Shoes Topshop, Dress Herve Leger, Dress Asos, Shoes River Island, Top Asos, Top Asos, Shorts Topshop, Dress Topshop, Dress Asos, Shorts River Island, Sunglasses Asos, Bikini Topshop, Dress Topshop, Earrings Asos.




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  1. This blog is fantastic – keep it up MOtrend!

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