90210 on 9/02/10

This week’s 90210 is on Tuesday the 9th of February 2010. 9/02/10. oh.my.god!

Is this a coincidence?

Or a sign from above?

…Or just a clever marketing scheme?

Given that I realised that 90210 was showing on 9/02/10 for the first and last time ever in the history of the world (no exaggeration, or at least until 3010, and by then we’ll probably all be dead by global warming or a nuclear bomb or something equally mass-destructive) when adding all my important weekly dates into my diary  (Mon – Glee / Cleveland Show, Tues – 90210, Wed – Desperate Housewives, Thus – Skins), and not from some clever e4 advert, I can only assume the show’s marketing team have failed to notice this momentous occasion.

That leaves coincidence / greater forces.

Regardless of your spiritual views, you have to admit the sheer…coolness (for lack of a better word), that a show that has been going on since 1990 has  reached its name in the date, much less that that date happened to be on a Tuesday, 90210 day. wow.

x.x M


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