Juicy Couture: Trashy Or Trendy?

Juicy Couture have just revealed the new Spring Range, and it’s all ‘Love, Spring, Puppies, Rainbows, Cotton Candy’ and all that, a bit annoying and icky in my opinion. But, considering what Juicy used to be like: All velour,chavvy tracksuits and teeny tiny dog clothes, they haven’t done too badly, although they have managed to keep a tracksuit or two, best to skip that part of the website I think. I do actually love the new capaign though, they’ve had a pretty big image overall in the past year or so and it’s obviously paying off, and they’ve clearly got a new designer that wasn’t a Katie Price wannabe. Anyway, enough ranting……

 The clothes are suprisingly nice, some pretty nice tops,tanks and jumpers

They’ve also done some great dresses too, if you’re in a party mood:


And a new swimwear range to get us ready for summer:


Have a look at the website http://www.juicycouture.com/ to see more, but remember, stay away from the tracksuits, they might break your eyes.

O x.x


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