Emma Pillsbury from Glee

 I thought it was high time we did a mini-series for Glee, after the success of our Gossip Girl and 90210 ones… I’m starting with Emma.

Miss Emma Pillsbury: fair skin, doe eyes, perfectly blowdried hair, cleaning fetish. Her trademark style is bright block colour (perfect for spring) with dainty heels and pencil shirts. Laavly.

Here are my favourite Emma-style pieces off the highstreet:


Orange top- Topshop £35; turquoise skirt – French Connection (Asos) £65; striped skirt – New Look £18; white shirt – Topshop, £25; blue pencil skirt – jane norman £25; black and white heel – New Look £20; belt, Dorothy Perkins £10; pale pink jumper – Topshop £52; puff sleeved jumper – Topshop £25; red necklace – Asos £10; mustard blouse – Asos £16; blue cardi Asos £50; blue heel – Asos £25

x.x M

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