Quinn Fabray from Glee

Quinn Fabray: ex cheerio, Quinn was the queen bee with ‘mean girl’ status. Since being forced out of her beloved cheerleading outfit, her signature look is natural – innocent summery dresses and smocks that hide her growing baby-bump.

Here are a few ‘Quinn’ pieces…

Starting from top left, 2 dresses, 2 cardigans, denim top and jeans, all Topshop. Spotted skirt, Asos. Red dress and yellow dress, both Anthropologie. Floral dress, cream knitted cardigan, both Asos. Red cardigan, Urban Outfitters. 2 floral dresses, New Look. Bangles, earrings, ballet pumps, beige cardigan and floral top, All Asos.

And if you’re a full on Gleek, maybe even get yourself your own WMHS cheerio uniform…


MO x.x


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