American Apparel Rummage Sale

Well, most of you have probably heard about this sale, which took place over the Easter weekend, maybe not for the sale itself, but for the commotion it caused. There were apparently riots, people being run over and ambulances needing to be called. So, me and a group of friends trudged up to Brick Lane and got there about 9.30 only to met by a huge queue. After much shuffling and pushing, we were finaaly told that the Sale had been cancelled. Great. But, the determined shoppers we are, we awoke bright and early the next morning, got to the station, only to be find out that the line we needed was not in service. But we charged on and got there at 8.30 and managed to go in straight away and bagged some goodies and saved £180. Wow. Here’s a couple of things we bought:

O x.x


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  1. very pleased with the under shirts… its hard to find big size onesies…. wash up nice and keep their shape.


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