Hair Trends ’10

New decade, new hairstyle, is what I’m feeling right now. And it seems many others are agreeing with me. Blondes are going Brunette, Reds are going Black and visa versa. As for me, my (kinda) natural blonde hair is fading and the dark roots are creeping through and I hate it, some may say it looks nice or whatever, i disagree, I like to have my hair mostly the same colour. I’m thinking lightish brown is the way forward. But what are the the 2010 Hair Trends, well….

The messy side plait:

Easyish to do and looks effortless and casual.

The Ballerina Bun:

Hurrdily thrown up or meticulously pinned into place, this looks good either way.

The Pixie Cut:

Cute but edgy, best on people with strong facial features

The Sidy Pony:

Classic and elegant but can look messy and effortless.

Hope it’s inspirational.

O x.x


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