Gossip Girl Season 4

Season 3’s finale had more action than the whole of the rest of the series put together – what with Jenny and Chuck getting it on, Dan                                                                   realising he still loves Serena, Blair giving in to her love for Chuck and, the true ‘ohmigod’ moment of the episode (and of the series…):  Chuck being shot for Blaire’s would-be engagement ring.

There are rumours flying all over the internet but the following appear to be the most probable as they repeat on most tv spoiler sites. (Remember though – I don’t know any more than you do!) 

  • Chuck IS NOT dead, and will reappear in Paris for Season 4
  • Blair is willing to forgive Chuck as she believes he’s payed for his encounter with Jenny by being shot
  • Serena and Dan are starting up again
  • Georgina really is pregnant
  • Little J will return for the second half of the season
  • Vanessa will be back ‘at some point’

It seems Season 4 is set up to be just as dramatic as the Season 3 finale…

x.x M




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