Liking Lykke Li…

An ICT study lesson,best lesson on timetable. The lesson where I have my best friend Rosa, a computer and some headphones. So, it’s only natural to share music especially when youtube has just been unlocked at my ridiculous school. After listening to endless artists, some good some just friggin weird, it was so lovely when a headphone palying Lykke Li was shoved in my ear. Her beautfiul, soft vocals are basically amazing. And every single Lykke Li song i’ve listened to has been crazy good. My favourite song is Let It Fall and Dance,Dance, Dance is very catchy too, especially the version she did with Bon Iver, click click and listen…..

Let It Fall

Dance, Dance, Dance

And she also done a pretty awesome collaboration with Kayne West (ohyes) and Santogold for N.A.S.A’s new single Gifted

And she’s pretty too…



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  1. Rosa

    I’m the famous one who introduced Lykke Li to Motrend 😀

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