The End of an Era….

The Hills has officially finished. Well in America it has. So basically it’s totally finished.

No more plastic Heidi and weirdo crystal rubbing Spencer, no more annoying and dull Audrina, no more bitchy yet sometimes nice Kristin, no more sweet and sensible Lo, no more beautiful Brody and no more blue eyed sober Stephanie.

It may sound over dramatic but it really is the end of an era. The Hills has had 6 whole seasons and no matter what anyone says to me, I shall always believe it is real. Don’t say anything. The Hills has caused me to have constant aches about wanting to have my own gorgeous house in Hollywood, or how they can go out clubbing yet look flawless all the time. Damn you rich people.

Here are some – let’s say funny – pictures of the early Hills cast:

Lauren Conrad looking (hmm) different in a “really nice” (horrible) green dress. Heidi Montag looking relatively normal compared to her over-plasticized blown up self nowadays. Audrina before she went all whore-ish. Lo looking basically the same, sweet and innocent. Just had a massive laugh at Kristin, working the dip dyed black tips Kristin….And Stephanie around the time of her DUI (see further down the page) pasty much?

Annnnd After, a truck load of make-up, hours tanning in the sun and now a massive following, the Hills girls have changed dramatically. Lauren Conrad, a successful author and hair braid legend. Stephanie Pratt, suffered from an eating disorder and got a DUI, Lo didn’t do much really, Audrina went all shlaggy and wannabe rock chick and posed topless in countless magazines, Kristin, well is just in lots of magazines. And Heidi, I clearly saved the best til last, Got 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day, including back shaping and neck liposuction and got married to now insane Spencer Pratt. But they did provide us with some immense television, so it’s all good.

Some now infamous Hills pictures:

No matter how much I slate it or how much others slate it, I will always love the Hills and I am going to be distraught once the shows finish in the UK, no-one thats watched it can say it wasn’t entertaining it always is, even if they’re just buying toilet roll, it’s just The Hills.

Spencer says bye…..

You simply cannot look in this picture and not laugh, its friggin hilarious…

O x.x


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