Statement Earrings and Little Necklaces

Having been away for most of the summer, I have really been lacking in posting, for that I feel crappy and am very sorry. Anyways, having been away I have been able to play around with summery outfits and realise whats actually necessary to stuff into an already overflowing suitcase and what isn’t. This resulted in a friend having to sit me down in my bedroom and have a bit of a Sex and the City moment as she asked me to justify each and every item I planned to take with me. Hated it. So damn annoying if you simply can’t justify something without saying ‘I might need it, pleeeeeasee can i just put it in the case’. But, although I hate to admit it, I have changed my ways, almost too much I have to say, I went away for a week and a half, they half bit I was camping, and I ended up only having a very minimal amount of clothing to wear, literally, when I opened my case in my tent I was like, shit. 2 pairs of jeans, about 3 tops and a dress and a skirt is not enough. Damn you small Primark suitcase. However I did manage to bring a very big amount of jewellery and have now discovered my new found love for big studded earrings, Topshop ones in particular and Cute little charm necklaces, Accesorize ones. Wearing them with a simple top and jeans can make something a bit crap look nicer. Here are some of mine, hover over the pictures and it’ll say where they’re from..

I love the kind of vintagey vibe of the earrings, I’m definitely gonna be doing some serious vintage stud hunting in Brick Lane and Portobello.

Seeing as some of the necklaces are pretty old and might not be available anymore. As far as I’m,aware, you can still buy the earrings in Topshop. But anyway here are some others you can buy:

The below earrings are all Topshop:

And from as long as I can remember Asos have been theee best at cheap necklaces, set your price range at £10 and you get loads of really cute charm necklaces..

And if you’re feeling a bit rich, treat yourself to a House Of Harlow necklace for a mere £73…it’s expensive, but if I had the money, I would buy it. Or this one for £116, ahh my neck aches for one, sadly my purse aches at the price tag.

Enjoy the last few days of freedom, September is the crappest month ever.

O x.x


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