Spring Prints 2011

It’s a print revolution – designers went crazy for quirky prints this season and, as always, the high street won’t be far behind. Don’t stick to just one print, either; mix and match for a more unique look.


Exotic and feminine, animal prints are super sexy, but (especially with leopard print) it’s so easy to go just a little too far. Think chic urban jungle, not tacky and Primark, and never, EVER, mix animal prints with too-bright colours. Neon = so not cool. Okay, so mixing colour with animal print looks cool on the catwalk, but there are some looks you just can’t recreate. Sad, but true.


Nothing says sweet and girlie more than a pink floral pattern, but this year floral doesn’t have to look ‘cute’. Pick the right design and you’ll look classy and elegant, or if you’re going for a mix and match look floral works well with lace (another massive trend for s/s11).



Go a little crazy with a more eccentric print this spring, although not everyone can pull off a black and white optical illusion or a space playsuit so be warned…

Nikki Minaj rocking a space dress (gotta love those chains)


Spring is going to be fresh and fruity with fruit prints all over the catwalk – although I think fruit prints work best on shirts and blouses, there are some lovely light fruit prints that work well on dresses, too.

….and, finally, it’s a house. A house print. Yay.

M x.x


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