Okay so its been about a week or so since I purchased the highly anticipated new Friendly Fires album. After being
 obsessed with the first album since its release in 2008, the release of the new one, Pala, was like all my Christmases coming at once. 
Throughout the album, from the opening single Live Those Days Tonight to the finishing track Strangelove (used for the Gucci Guilty advert), a summery,fresh vibe is very prominent. All the better for the upcoming summer months, I’ve already had this album blasting whilst doing a spot of sunbathing and solar ship flying (complex) on Primrose Hill. This second album is definitely (as the Guardian put it) ‘a more sophisticated sound, mixing 80s pop and Ibiza culture into a blissful collision of euphoria and reflection’. Descriptive.
The album also takes on a bit more of a ‘boy band’ feel, with the band themselves saying that the Backstreet Boys did partly inspire some of the tracks. This is particularly noticable with ‘Show Me Lights’ 
My personal favourite track on the album is ‘Blue Cassette’.  The opening tape sound effects, which feature all the way throughout the song, start it off a fairly quiet and subdued song. But this idea is totally shaken up when the drums come in, starting off the chorus, which you can’t help but start singing along to. This is the kind of song that will be in your head for agessss, and for once, its not a bad thing. 
Another fave, True Love. The funky, bass-ier track reminds me more of the first album stuff, a bit of  a dancier track. This is deff a song to dance and shout along to, you can even imagine Ed MacFarlane jumping around to this on stage.
Hurting, probs the danciest track on the album, reminiscent of some dance
tunes from the 70s/80s. Ed’s smooth and echocey vocals suit this song amazingly, it being one of the best features of the song. 
Overall, I think that I may actually (dare I say it..) love this album even more than I loved their debut album. Oh god, never thought I’d manage to say that. The downbeat, boy band-esque R&B of Show Me Lights,  the synthy magicalness of the 80s from True Love and Hurting and the slow, chill airyness of Pala, not to mention the other 8 amazing tracks, make for an amazing second album from Friendly Fires. I can gurantee a ready made summer playlist in this album, so its deffo worth a listen…
See what the band themsleves have to say about Pala… 
BUY IT! O x.x

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