Orange RockCorps

So about a week ago a couple of friends and I headed to Brixton to take part in the Orange RockCorps Project. The aim of the project is to motivate and inspire people to volunteer and give back to the community. So all we had to do was register online, select a project and give them a call to validate our spot. The project we chose was a garden clean up in Blenheim Gardens, so we had to weed, plant and scrape and dig up the old soil. Not being a very avid gardener, this all came as a bit of a surprise, learning how to ‘weed’ and actually get the plant out of the plant pot proved a bit more of a challenge than I expected… I may have even turned over a new leaf (couldn’t resist) and become all green fingered. Yes and this feeling lasted a grand total of about 20 minutes.

But even though it was 4 hours worth of work, the time flew by; we had xfm blasting through a stereo, new people to talk to and obviously the healthy competition of whose rake technique is better. Yes and we even managed to run around in a wheelbarrow. So after all our hard work-now heres the best part-we got our free ticket to a gig at Wembley Arena on the 12th of July. But not just an average gig…Primal Scream, Jessie J and Eliza Doolittle with more to be announced. To me, thats a pretty fair deal. 4 hours of pretty fun volunteering in exchange for a completely free ticket. Scoooooore.

Give it a gooooo O x.x

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