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sharing a secret

Being a regular human being, I thoroughly enjoy a bargain, anything that is inexpensive to start or that has had a rather big reduction (particularly satisfying). There are the obvious ideas of visiting websites like ebay, but with my own personal experiences being quite traumatic and usually ending in an imaginary conflict with the imaginary evil person trying to outbid me. And then there are also charity shops, good for jumpers and some, i stress the some, accessories. But my new favourite discovery, my bad if I am in fact just horribly late, is American Apparel’s ‘Oops! We made too many!’ section. These are simply the clothes that were overstocked or didn’t sell very well. However, don’t misinterpret this as the butterz clothes that no one wants, they’re usually just good basics for craazy cheap prices.


All of these items above are available here

Every item I chose was under a tenner, so I reaallly am not wasting the money. As well as these, AA have also got a pretty good sale on at the moment, as follooowws,


Lemme know if you find some good steals Ox.x


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a new favourite obsession

everyone is turning 18 so with an abundance of parties comes an abundance of dresses. i find it easy to get bored of high street shops, you always end up with the same shit as everyone else. this is why i was extremely excited to discover, an american website where you want every single item.

so to combine a need for dresses and a new found obsession, i’ve picked my best of the enooormous bunch and put them all down here…


Showgirls Velvet Dress £36.24


Metallic Splatter Dress


Valiant Dress


Sydney Crochet Dress


Paradise Stars Dress – White


Coven Lace Maxi Dress

Hope you find something great, i definitely have. a lot.


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Ivy – 90210

Despite the wealth of fashion-y fashion on 90210, it’s Ivy’s laid back style which y’all want to know about… well here you go:

Ivy’s casual surfer style sets her apart from the other girls in 90210: she’s not a skirt girl but still shows off her aaamazing legs in short shorts or skin tight jeans – which are usually ripped and/or frayed. She usually goes for more loose fitting or oversized tops but layers lots of bracelets, necklaces, and or rings and occasionally a little hat too.

Her sun bleached blonde hair is one of my eternal envies, it’s just so long and free-flowing and ahhhh…

M x.x

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Topshop for Prom?

I personally feel that now is the time to deal with the mighty challenge of the prom dress. It’s so difficult to get ‘the one’ as there is so much choice: colour, length, shape, fabric. Considering it’s an organised school event you can’t look trampy.. aaand it’s the last time you see your school year as a whole, so you want to make a lasting impression (especially if you’re leaving). So: what is whorey, and what is wowzas, time to find out…

Topshop have released their new collection of dresses ‘Dress Up Topshop’ – I warn you, some of these dresses are disgusting. To be honest, I was pretty surprised Topshop could do that. It seems they may have really tried to design a prom dress but only managed to create a salmon coloured monstrosity. 

I’m not even going to provide you with the horror that is the yellow version.

But to be honest there is no point me talking about the horrible dresses. They do have some really stunning ones, but remember, some proms are more up scale than others so make sure you cater to your own needs.

This ‘petrol’ coloured vintage dress is perfect for prom. It can be dressed up or down, depending on what your prom evening is like. The swishy-ness of the skirt, the sparkly beading and ruffled bodice add up to make a really gorgeous dress.


This next dress is a bit more prommy. The puffy, tulle skirt and cute black bow waist detail put together with the black and blue spotty pattern make for a very cutesy prom dress. Or if you’re not feeling for the blue, try the slightly safer, ivory. I personally much prefer the ivory coloured version as for me, blue just looks a bit odd.

This dress isn’t from the Dress Up Topshop range but I think it could be a really spectacular alternative prom dress. The shiny, goldy shimmer on the dress turns the dress from a bit dull to stunning. Also, the long and short contrast and ruffles will definitely ensure no one will look quite as hot as you.

This dress can only be worn if you don’t mind getting a bit of eyeing up and general perving – or in some cases mocking – from some male teachers. Seeing as it is tight, sheer and sparkly, best to make sure you’re feeling confident. Anyways, the sparkly tree thing going up the side is really gorrggg, and is just the right amount of sparkliness to liven up the plain black main body of the dress.

When it came to prom dresses, I really though Topshop would come up amazingly with some stunninggg dresses, but so far I have been slightly dissapointed. I think the best option, if you are hoping to get something from Topshop, is to hit the bigger stores; Oxford Street and Knightsbridge. Oxford Street in particular will probably be your best bet, the concessions downstairs next to the shoe section should provide you with above and beyond than six items for the dressing room…

Here’s the best of the rest from Topshop…

Enjoy! O x.x

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Trend SS11 Colour Pop

Another trend here for ya. Now spring wouldn’t be spring without colour and liveliness, so it might seem obvious to have colour on the catwalk, but this is suttin else. Lots of orange and hot pink especially at Giambattista Valli and and Aquilano.Rimondi, the shiny orange and yellow blazers are amazing. There’s more of a beachy vibe at Christian Dior, typical summery prints and flowy dresses don’t seem too earth shattering. Jil Sander and MaxMara both went for block colour, which looks particularly good on the 4th picture down at Jil Sander, the black makes the colours pop like nothing else. The Rachel Roy collection was pretty mixed, quite a few nude and metallic looks, but the favourite has got to be the aqua/turquoise gown at the bottom of the post, pretty hot.

This trend is probably one of the most doable this season, so there isn’t an excuse. I guarantee you have something in your wardrobe worth pulling out this spring, but if all else fails, you can always go shopping…

 Aquilano.Rimondi Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear Christian Dior Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear Giambattista Valli Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear Jil Sander Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear MaxMara Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear Rachel Roy Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

O x.x

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Spring Prints 2011

It’s a print revolution – designers went crazy for quirky prints this season and, as always, the high street won’t be far behind. Don’t stick to just one print, either; mix and match for a more unique look.


Exotic and feminine, animal prints are super sexy, but (especially with leopard print) it’s so easy to go just a little too far. Think chic urban jungle, not tacky and Primark, and never, EVER, mix animal prints with too-bright colours. Neon = so not cool. Okay, so mixing colour with animal print looks cool on the catwalk, but there are some looks you just can’t recreate. Sad, but true.


Nothing says sweet and girlie more than a pink floral pattern, but this year floral doesn’t have to look ‘cute’. Pick the right design and you’ll look classy and elegant, or if you’re going for a mix and match look floral works well with lace (another massive trend for s/s11).



Go a little crazy with a more eccentric print this spring, although not everyone can pull off a black and white optical illusion or a space playsuit so be warned…

Nikki Minaj rocking a space dress (gotta love those chains)


Spring is going to be fresh and fruity with fruit prints all over the catwalk – although I think fruit prints work best on shirts and blouses, there are some lovely light fruit prints that work well on dresses, too.

….and, finally, it’s a house. A house print. Yay.

M x.x

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Back to the 70s:

Go a little bit Earth, Wind & Fire.

Bell-bottoms, platforms, cinched in waists and plunging necklines. Best to invest in a good pair of flares to last you forever and some killllller platforms to give the impression of suuuper long legs. Emphasize it with a tiny, nipped-in waists, busy prints on top and huge billowing sleeves. And don’t forget the denim…

Top 3 Topshop, Bottom left, River Island, Bottom Right M’s Topshop Lexis.

Topshop, Asos, Whistles, Topshop, Topshop.

Yeh Ok, they’re all Topshop apart from the one with girl, they’re Asos. Topshop is just reallllly good atm.

O x.x

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