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It’s been a long time, but O has ventured out, at uni and studying fashion. Keep track with my new blog,



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Review: ‘The Memory of Love’ by Aminatta Forna

Aminatta Forna’s novel is set in Freetown, Sierra Leone – in the aftermath of one of the bloodiest civil wars in modern history. Although the title focuses on love, the book is about so much more than that: betrayal, loss, longing and how a society crippled by the fear and trauma of war can never entirely move on.

The novel focuses on characters in the city’s hospital: Adrian – a British psychiatrist who goes to Sierra Leone to escape his life in the UK – becomes friends with Kai, a native surgeon who is unable to see beyond his past. A dying patient in the hospital, Elias Cole, feels the need to confess to Adrian the story of his love, and how it led him to commit acts which have haunted him since.

The Memory of Love shifts in time, from Elias’s account – which begins in 1969 – to Kai and Adrian’s modern day struggles. The parallels and links between the plots become only more obvious as the book goes on, to reveal an intricately planned and wonderfully crafted novel. The three are all connected with love – or the memory of – which has caused them just as much pain as the war.

The extraordinary circumstances which the three find themselves in lead each of them to commit terrible wrongs of betrayal, cowardice, envy and selfishness. At the heart of the novel is the terrible secret of war: the chilling fact that in brutal conditions it is not only evil individuals who carry out evil deeds. Forna’s characters are so well-drawn and authentic – so human – that you cannot help but identify with them. The ending, although tragic, is also uplifting, and you feel the characters’ loss as your own.

 In the end, however, it is the finer details of the novel that make it so powerful. There’s Agnes: the patient who, returning home after suffering in a refugee camp during the war, returns to discover that her daughter has married her husband’s killer.  Then there’s the male patient who becomes hysterical at the mere smell of roasting meat, due to the memories of burning flesh which return to him. It’s these smaller stories that really hit home the extent of the war, and its destructive impact on every person in the country.

The Memory of Love looks beyond the surface of civil war to observe the deeper consequence of a nation scarred with brutal memories. It is a moving novel which tackles the most unanswerable of questions: what leads us to do the things we do?


To find out more about the Orange Prize, go to or visit their facebook page at

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Welcome Back…

After quite a hefty absence, MOtrend is being let upon the world once again. Before we get back in to the mega big posts, I thought I’d get back into the swing of the things a bit slower and just provide a few songs I’ve been listening to, rather than you know, blow your mind, with a big ‘ol post about clothes.

Just to let you know, I think I would die for Friendly Fires

Young The Giant

Cajjest song in the world

Yeh, more.

Broken Hearts

Two Door Cinema Club and Young The Giant

Little Comets, probs one of my favourite songs

Enjoy them! Olivia

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Mango – Prom Dresses

With the end of the summer term in sight, there’s only one thing to reaaally distract you from revision: where to get the perfect prom dress? It’s a tricky one…but if you’re braving the full on full length prom dress then it might be worth checking out Mango – their selection of formal maxis is unbeatable.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

M x.x

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Back to the 70s:

Go a little bit Earth, Wind & Fire.

Bell-bottoms, platforms, cinched in waists and plunging necklines. Best to invest in a good pair of flares to last you forever and some killllller platforms to give the impression of suuuper long legs. Emphasize it with a tiny, nipped-in waists, busy prints on top and huge billowing sleeves. And don’t forget the denim…

Top 3 Topshop, Bottom left, River Island, Bottom Right M’s Topshop Lexis.

Topshop, Asos, Whistles, Topshop, Topshop.

Yeh Ok, they’re all Topshop apart from the one with girl, they’re Asos. Topshop is just reallllly good atm.

O x.x

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Ironik ft. 90210’s Jessica Lowndes – Falling in Love

We all knew Adrianna could sing, but now Jessica Lowndes has teamed up with dj Ironik for Ironik’s new single, ‘Falling in Love’. The track is released on October 24th, but you can see it right here, right now…

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many beautiful people in a burger joint before!

x.x M


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Cold, wet and turns to ice the next day: snow is so overratedSnowflake 1 $3.20 *!

Ok, so it’s pretty, but snow is really getting a bit old now. Oh for the days when I could walk without constantly worrying about falling, when I could stop and talk to people outside, when I could eat my lunch outside rather than in the full, smelly canteen.

I’ve decided to stay shut up in the house for the whole weekend. I’m sure everybody must have fallen over at some point over the last week, but I seem to have had more than my fair share of drops (and I’ve been wearing my Doc Marten’s!).

Good luck in braving the arctic conditions…

x.x M


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