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Ivy – 90210

Despite the wealth of fashion-y fashion on 90210, it’s Ivy’s laid back style which y’all want to know about… well here you go:

Ivy’s casual surfer style sets her apart from the other girls in 90210: she’s not a skirt girl but still shows off her aaamazing legs in short shorts or skin tight jeans – which are usually ripped and/or frayed. She usually goes for more loose fitting or oversized tops but layers lots of bracelets, necklaces, and or rings and occasionally a little hat too.

Her sun bleached blonde hair is one of my eternal envies, it’s just so long and free-flowing and ahhhh…

M x.x


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90210 Season 3



I have to admit I found it, at times, hard to live without my amazingly California drenched dose of 90210 every week for the past year or so. I think it may have actually taken over me, so much that I caved in and ended up watching the first 12 episodes online. Only to watch them again when they actually screen on E4. I’m not sorry. It was great.

This season comes up with some hot and occasionally odd couplings. Ivy and Dixon are still an item, but then there’s new hot guy Oscar and his shocking ‘English’ accent trying to claw their way in. Bit of a spoiler here, so err shut your eyes if you don’t wanna get spoiled-ed. SILVER AND NAVID. Chunder, I know. Talking of chunder, the worst couple has to be Ivy’s mum, Laurel and Oscar, it’s rough. And then of course, we have Teddy and his new boyfriend Marco. OOH and of course, we have the new HOT couple, Annie and Liam, even though Liam’s annoying brother Charlie seems to get there first. And finally, Naomi and Oscar. It was always gonna happen.

Other news, Adriana turns into a bitch. Fame goes straight to her beautiful head. The evil Mr.Cannon haunts Naomi and then attempts to make his move on Silver, which does actually blow up in his buttterz face.

Phwoooooaaaaaaarr. not so much Teddy in this. Pity. But Liam and Oscar. Wow.

The people that make me want to cry with jealousy tears.

Teddy’s new BF, IAN




MO x.x

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90210 Mini-Series: Erin Silver

We all know Silver as the hard as rocks, quirky one in 90210. Her piercing blue eyes and jet black hair make her (in my opinion) the most stunning girl in 90210. Her style is more individual with funky layering and rock t-shirts but you also see her in the occasional girly(ish) dress with a special Silver twist.

Here a few Silver style pieces:

(click to enlarge)

From top left: Top Forever 21,Shoes Office, Shoes Topshop, Ring House Of Harlow 1960, Blazer, Jacket, Playsuit, Tunic all Topshop, T-Shirt Truffle Shuffle, Top Topshop, Dress American Apparel, Scarf Urban Outfitters, Jumper American Apparel, Waistcoat Forever 21, Scarf Topshop, Vest River Island, Earrings Asos, Necklace House Of Harlow 1960, Scarf Whistles.


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90210 on 9/02/10

This week’s 90210 is on Tuesday the 9th of February 2010. 9/02/10. oh.my.god!

Is this a coincidence?

Or a sign from above?

…Or just a clever marketing scheme?

Given that I realised that 90210 was showing on 9/02/10 for the first and last time ever in the history of the world (no exaggeration, or at least until 3010, and by then we’ll probably all be dead by global warming or a nuclear bomb or something equally mass-destructive) when adding all my important weekly dates into my diary  (Mon – Glee / Cleveland Show, Tues – 90210, Wed – Desperate Housewives, Thus – Skins), and not from some clever e4 advert, I can only assume the show’s marketing team have failed to notice this momentous occasion.

That leaves coincidence / greater forces.

Regardless of your spiritual views, you have to admit the sheer…coolness (for lack of a better word), that a show that has been going on since 1990 has  reached its name in the date, much less that that date happened to be on a Tuesday, 90210 day. wow.

x.x M

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90210 Mini-Series…Naomi Clark

I am completely in love with 90210 this year, and it’s not just the storylines or the hot guys.

It’s the stunning wardrobe, I genuinley want to climb into the television and steal their clothes. Just oozing LA chic…

So, first of all we have, Naomi Clark:

So, in 90210, we all know Naomi as the ‘rich bitch’ character, although in this latest series, you can’t help but love to hate her. Her style is probably one of my favourites on 90210; she goes for tight-fitting, Herve Leger style bold dresses (which match her bold personality) to boyish tailored shorts teamed with sky-high heels and is never seen without her sidekick and a Starbucks Frappucino.

So heres a few things that will help you get that ‘Naomi’ vibe into your wardrobe….

(click to enlarge)

From top left: Shoes Topshop, Dress Herve Leger, Dress Asos, Shoes River Island, Top Asos, Top Asos, Shorts Topshop, Dress Topshop, Dress Asos, Shorts River Island, Sunglasses Asos, Bikini Topshop, Dress Topshop, Earrings Asos.



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90210-Season 2

So it’s back to boringness after the Christmas holidays, and I think we’re now all agreed on the fact that snow sucks. One thing that did make me a teeny bit better was E4’s new series of shows…especially 90210.

So here are the annoyingly good looking Naomi, newcomer Ivy, Silver and Adrianna

Annie has let me down though….a little drab

And the eye candy in 90210 is off the scale, wow. Liam, Teddy, Dixon. Emphasis on the Liam.

Well, my tuesdays are now fully booked, 90210 is officially addictive.

O x.x


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