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Wireless 2010

Ahh, the magic moment your inbox lights up with a new email. And no I’m not some proper sad loser child that sits waiting for emails, but when its a confirmation for your ticket for Wireless, well…..it’s pretty exciting. Oh yes MOtrend is going to Wireless. The line-up is awesome, the attractions are going to be sick and well, it’s another excuse for a pop to the shops. So, look out for a post in July, especially dedicated to all that is Wireless, pictures, maybe a video clip or two…if you’re lucky- my voice tends to sound disgusting on video. Anyways, here’s a couple’a the artists we will be seeing on July 4th……

Be very very jealous, orrrrr, just be there>>>http://wirelessfestival.co.uk/home/index.aspx

Oh wow, kinda already having heart palpatations…….

O x.x


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Good Good Songs

Just a wincy post. Everyone’s heard of Chiddy Bang’s ‘Opposite of Adults’. Yes? Well, i discovered a collabaration Chidy Bang have down with Passion Pit called ‘Truth’

And also a collabaration between Passion Pit and Ellie Gouilding. Starsmith Remix of ‘Sleepyhead’

Have a listen and tell us watcha think


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