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Ivy – 90210

Despite the wealth of fashion-y fashion on 90210, it’s Ivy’s laid back style which y’all want to know about… well here you go:

Ivy’s casual surfer style sets her apart from the other girls in 90210: she’s not a skirt girl but still shows off her aaamazing legs in short shorts or skin tight jeans – which are usually ripped and/or frayed. She usually goes for more loose fitting or oversized tops but layers lots of bracelets, necklaces, and or rings and occasionally a little hat too.

Her sun bleached blonde hair is one of my eternal envies, it’s just so long and free-flowing and ahhhh…

M x.x


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Willow Smith

Willow Smith is just cool. She’s ten, and already she’s cooler than me. And you, probably. When we were ten we were making mud pies and our best friend was Baby Born. Willow’s so cool that (at the age of ten) she’s sitting next to Naomi Campbell and Kylie at major fashion events. She’s been compared to Rihanna (her voice is as good, seriously) but we think she’s waaaay cooler. She’s just so down with the kids.

Willow said about her (immensely cool) new track Whip My Hair, ‘It means just be an individual. You can’t be afraid to be yourself.’

We didn’t know who we ‘were’ until we were, like, way past ten… And here Willow is with her own – totally edgy – style and personality. Man, maybe if I just whip my hair back and forth enough times I might just be as cool as Willow Smith.

x.x M

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Hair Trends ’10

New decade, new hairstyle, is what I’m feeling right now. And it seems many others are agreeing with me. Blondes are going Brunette, Reds are going Black and visa versa. As for me, my (kinda) natural blonde hair is fading and the dark roots are creeping through and I hate it, some may say it looks nice or whatever, i disagree, I like to have my hair mostly the same colour. I’m thinking lightish brown is the way forward. But what are the the 2010 Hair Trends, well….

The messy side plait:

Easyish to do and looks effortless and casual.

The Ballerina Bun:

Hurrdily thrown up or meticulously pinned into place, this looks good either way.

The Pixie Cut:

Cute but edgy, best on people with strong facial features

The Sidy Pony:

Classic and elegant but can look messy and effortless.

Hope it’s inspirational.

O x.x

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Dannii’s Hair


I have to admit, my curosity as to what Dannii can possibly do with her hair each show has been a big reason for wasting my Saturday (and Sunday) on the sofa watching X-Factor.

Here are a few of my favourite styles: (really, I want to know what hair mousse she uses…)

x.x M

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