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back again…

I already wrote this post and then it deleted itself omdz. I shall do a different post then and leave that for another day. Instead of spending agees talking shit that probably won’t get read I will simply provide some songs that I’ve been listening to, do enjoy

James Blake- We Might Feel Unsound. Its not on youtube so i cannot provide vid

MYTH-Four Seasons, again not on youtube

O x.x


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BBC Sound of 2011 Longlist-James Blake

OH HAI, readers of MOtrend.

Obviously we need to buck up and stop being so irregular. Apologeeeeees. Anyway, MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR.

So with the start of a new year comes a fresh BBC longlist, filled with as they put it ‘music’s most exciting rising stars’. Well, i’ve sorted my way through them, youtubing and researching and what not to try and gather my own opinion of each. Some I love, some…not so much.  One of my favourites being fellow Londoner James Blake, him also clearly being some other peoples favourite too as he’s tipped to come top of the list. James studied at Goldsmiths after attending Latymer (repppin da west-good to know) and he recorded songs in his bedroom before releasing his debut 12″ “Air and Lack Thereof” on Hemlock Audio in July 2009. Since then he’s managed to find himself on numerous year-end best-of lists and his self-titled album James Blake is due for release on February 7th 2011.

Yeh, so I don’t like describing the music, I always end up sounding like a twat so instead I’ll let you make up your own description in your head:

My personal favourite CMYK>

His cover of Feist’s ‘Limit To Your Love’>

The Bells Sketch>

merry listenin’ O x.x




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