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you tube mash ups

Everyone has those moments when you just literally get stuck on youtube. You find one video, which leads to another and another and another. I happened to come across some youtube mashups, I love ’em, if you’re lucky you’ll come across some of your favourite arists nicely smooshed together. Some I found…

Passion Pit and MGMT 

Jay-Z and Passion Pit  

Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Red Hot Chilli Peppers     

O x.x


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Good Good Songs

Just a wincy post. Everyone’s heard of Chiddy Bang’s ‘Opposite of Adults’. Yes? Well, i discovered a collabaration Chidy Bang have down with Passion Pit called ‘Truth’

And also a collabaration between Passion Pit and Ellie Gouilding. Starsmith Remix of ‘Sleepyhead’

Have a listen and tell us watcha think


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