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sharing a secret

Being a regular human being, I thoroughly enjoy a bargain, anything that is inexpensive to start or that has had a rather big reduction (particularly satisfying). There are the obvious ideas of visiting websites like ebay, but with my own personal experiences being quite traumatic and usually ending in an imaginary conflict with the imaginary evil person trying to outbid me. And then there are also charity shops, good for jumpers and some, i stress the some, accessories. But my new favourite discovery, my bad if I am in fact just horribly late, is American Apparel’s ‘Oops! We made too many!’ section. These are simply the clothes that were overstocked or didn’t sell very well. However, don’t misinterpret this as the butterz clothes that no one wants, they’re usually just good basics for craazy cheap prices.


All of these items above are available here http://store.americanapparel.co.uk/sale-five.html

Every item I chose was under a tenner, so I reaallly am not wasting the money. As well as these, AA have also got a pretty good sale on at the moment, as follooowws,


Lemme know if you find some good steals Ox.x



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FCUK outlet store in London

A casual shopping trip proved very successful when a friend and I discovered Covent Garden’s new French Connection outlet store  in the market place (it’s next to Fred Perry, opposite Kurt Geiger). There are massive reductions, and although most of the clothes are in pretty funky sizes there are some gems to be found. I fell in love with a simple navy mini-dress, and after despairingly searching through a rack of size 16s, I found a size 8 in the men’s section. Score!

This FCUK dress was reduced from £75 to £20 – the fact that it’s plain means it can be styled differently each time I wear it.

M x.x

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spring and sale and….rain

Spring is upon us, it actually is. 2 days til easter holidays and some more lovely april showers it seems. Seeing as I am going to be stuck here for the 2 weeks, I’ll be making most of the free time: shopping, mostly online whilst watching Jersey Shore at the same time and the odd bit of 90210. But, there is one thing I’ll be dragging myself out the door for, a huge American Apparel Sale in Brick Lane, this kind of the thing cannot be missed. I repeat cannot be missed. So,I’ll be blowing all my money on some lovely bargains. Just a few things I ‘ll be rummaging for:

O x.x

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