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Winter Blues…

Cold, grey, tests coming up (gulp)… To be honest, it’s not looking good. If you’re getting a case of the winter blues as well, here are a few pick-me-ups to brighten your day.

1)  Marina and the Diamonds You must have heard of Hollywood (<–clickity click) by now, but I also love I am not a Robot and Mowgli’s Road.

2) Whittard’s white hot chocolate

White Hot Chocolate 400gIt sounds sickening, it tastes buffting. Trust.

3) So you think you can dance?

It’s X-Factor minus Simon Cowel and the big red X. And it’s dancing. Still  – wow.

x.x M


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Keeping Warm……

Seeing as absolutely everywhere I go it’s freezing, I have been scanning shops for nice,warm clothing that doesn’t make me look like an obese snowman, here’s some that I found…….

Topshop Cardigan

Wear with:

Asos Leggings                                Urban Outfitters Boots


Bershka Jacket

Wear with:

Asos Jeans

Topshop Bag


All Saints Jacket

Wear with:

Topshop Tights                                     M&S Boots

Urban Outfitters Skirt


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