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Spring Prints 2011

It’s a print revolution – designers went crazy for quirky prints this season and, as always, the high street won’t be far behind. Don’t stick to just one print, either; mix and match for a more unique look.


Exotic and feminine, animal prints are super sexy, but (especially with leopard print) it’s so easy to go just a little too far. Think chic urban jungle, not tacky and Primark, and never, EVER, mix animal prints with too-bright colours. Neon = so not cool. Okay, so mixing colour with animal print looks cool on the catwalk, but there are some looks you just can’t recreate. Sad, but true.


Nothing says sweet and girlie more than a pink floral pattern, but this year floral doesn’t have to look ‘cute’. Pick the right design and you’ll look classy and elegant, or if you’re going for a mix and match look floral works well with lace (another massive trend for s/s11).



Go a little crazy with a more eccentric print this spring, although not everyone can pull off a black and white optical illusion or a space playsuit so be warned…

Nikki Minaj rocking a space dress (gotta love those chains)


Spring is going to be fresh and fruity with fruit prints all over the catwalk – although I think fruit prints work best on shirts and blouses, there are some lovely light fruit prints that work well on dresses, too.

….and, finally, it’s a house. A house print. Yay.

M x.x


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Kate Moss for Topshop Summer 2010

The new Kate Moss for Topshop spring/summer 2010 collection is full of vintage pieces and floaty dresses with a bohemian twist. Intricate detailing is key, too – especially on the limited edition pieces. Although the focus may be on dresses there are also cute playsuits and lacey blouses and one slightly too neon feather cape.

Here’s a whole minute and a half of Kate swishing her hair around and (kind of) dancing in her new collection:


x.x M

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Quinn Fabray from Glee

Quinn Fabray: ex cheerio, Quinn was the queen bee with ‘mean girl’ status. Since being forced out of her beloved cheerleading outfit, her signature look is natural – innocent summery dresses and smocks that hide her growing baby-bump.

Here are a few ‘Quinn’ pieces…

Starting from top left, 2 dresses, 2 cardigans, denim top and jeans, all Topshop. Spotted skirt, Asos. Red dress and yellow dress, both Anthropologie. Floral dress, cream knitted cardigan, both Asos. Red cardigan, Urban Outfitters. 2 floral dresses, New Look. Bangles, earrings, ballet pumps, beige cardigan and floral top, All Asos.

And if you’re a full on Gleek, maybe even get yourself your own WMHS cheerio uniform…


MO x.x

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Denim Jackets

Denim’s always big in Spring – but this year it’s everywhere. The beauty of a demin jacket is that you can throw it on top of nearly anything, but I think they look best unbuttoned on top of summery dresses…

 From top left across; Topshop £50, All Saints £120, Asos £39, River Island £29.99

 Wear with:

 Minkpink Cross Back Floral Dress

From top left across: Toshop £32, Topshop £50, Asos £60

x.x M  

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Alice in Wonderland Style

With the new Tim Burton film and with Easter coming up, a wave of cute dresses and quirky jewellery is hitting the highstreet.

And with celebrities like Stella McCartney backing the fashion front, Alice in Wonderland could be here to stay:

^New Look £20

^Topshop £10

^asos £30

^asos £24

^asos £40

x.x M


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Johnnie B

So I’m pretty sure everyone’s heard of  Boden , and probably too.

But – fresh for S/S 2010 – is the all new . The ‘fabulously British’,  blonde and back-combed beach style reminds me of Jack Wills, but they haven’t quite got the effortlessly-cool look yet. Maybe it’s because it comes with a catalogue that our mum orders…

x.x M

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Sam Ubhi

Jewellery is the easiest way to liven up an outfit – this spring, just shove a statement necklace on top of a simple top and high-waisted skirt and you’re ready to go!

At London Fashion Week, Sam Ubhi’s rustic-style work particularly caught my attention:

Here are a few similar looking pieces from the high-street:

<Topshop £16

<Topshop £8

<River Island £14

x.x M

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