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back again…

I already wrote this post and then it deleted itself omdz. I shall do a different post then and leave that for another day. Instead of spending agees talking shit that probably won’t get read I will simply provide some songs that I’ve been listening to, do enjoy

James Blake- We Might Feel Unsound. Its not on youtube so i cannot provide vid

MYTH-Four Seasons, again not on youtube

O x.x


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My favourite things….

The disgusting feeling of boredom is overwhelming, i hate revision, i hate exams. School is dullllll, we should have 5 day weekends and 2 day school days, or we could have that immensely good idea of going to school at 11 instead of friggin before sunrise put into play, come on Mr.PM, do something good please. But there are a few pick me ups, online shopping, american television and a few of the best magazines in the world.

Ok, I know I’m not an eighties kid and I really don’t wanna be a scrape on the decade but since i was about 7, I have been watching Saved By The Bell reruns on Nickelodeon until they were taken off in ’06. Bad times. The show is awesome and gloriously cheesy.

The Simple Life, it may not be award winning or very educational, but it is freakin’ funny, Nicole Richie is hilarious and Paris Hilton is well, Paris Hilton.

The Drums=my summer playlist. Every one of their songs is just summer in a track.

And Giggs, his deep voice is strangely nice to listen too, and his numerous collabs on his new album do not dissapoint.

On the magazine front, my new favourite EVER magazine has to be Nylon, i love love love it. I also seem to be having a bit of a expensive magazine fetish. The shiny, flawless covers now have their one corner in my bedroom, Vogues, Pops, i-d’s, Nylon’s and a nice big Wonderland.

As usual, topshop is my go-to online shopping website, closely followed by Asos, obviously. But a few others have caught my eye:


http://www.shellys.co.uk/ (remember in Covent Garden?)


O x.x

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