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A/W 2010 Trends

Here at MOtrend we’re feeling all autumnal. You can forget about wearing waterproof mascara to prevent the pool-side-panda look and finally relax about de-hairing, well, everywhere…because Summer is so last season! Bring on the thick furry jackets, the leather gloves and – aaah – the (many pairs of) Winter boots.

We’re going to do an A/W10 Trend mini-series, starting with the oh-so-fashiony coat of this season, the cape. We’ll be covering all your fashion bases in the next few posts so stay tuned…

So far we’ve covered:

The Cape


M x.x


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A/W 2010: The Chunky Boot

Whether it’s suede or sheepskin, buckled or laced, chunky boots are going to be big next season. Let’s go kick some ass, girls, because these boots were made for wearing:

(click on the boots for prices and other details)


x.x M


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Winter Blues…

Cold, grey, tests coming up (gulp)… To be honest, it’s not looking good. If you’re getting a case of the winter blues as well, here are a few pick-me-ups to brighten your day.

1)  Marina and the Diamonds You must have heard of Hollywood (<–clickity click) by now, but I also love I am not a Robot and Mowgli’s Road.

2) Whittard’s white hot chocolate

White Hot Chocolate 400gIt sounds sickening, it tastes buffting. Trust.

3) So you think you can dance?

It’s X-Factor minus Simon Cowel and the big red X. And it’s dancing. Still  – wow.

x.x M

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Keeping Warm……

Seeing as absolutely everywhere I go it’s freezing, I have been scanning shops for nice,warm clothing that doesn’t make me look like an obese snowman, here’s some that I found…….

Topshop Cardigan

Wear with:

Asos Leggings                                Urban Outfitters Boots


Bershka Jacket

Wear with:

Asos Jeans

Topshop Bag


All Saints Jacket

Wear with:

Topshop Tights                                     M&S Boots

Urban Outfitters Skirt


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