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Dannii’s Hair


I have to admit, my curosity as to what Dannii can possibly do with her hair each show has been a big reason for wasting my Saturday (and Sunday) on the sofa watching X-Factor.

Here are a few of my favourite styles: (really, I want to know what hair mousse she uses…)

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Jedward. hmmm…..

so the question is: Jedward – good or bad?

I think we can all agree that until this week’s x-factor, the majority of the population disliked John and Edward. BUT on this week’s episode, Jedward turned the tables. No booing and minimal critisism: Jedward are popular!

For those of you who still hate the twins (and there seem to still be quite a lot of you!) check out this website, where you can punch – yes punch! – John and Edward:


it is preeety cool. have fun guys!

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