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Big A/W Guide: The Coat

The darkness is falling… and unfortunately so is the rain. Being unable to do my make up with natural light in the mornings, is one of the sad pitfalls of nearing the end of the year. Along with with the cold nights, the red hands & the chattering of teeth. So it seems we need jackets…and coats, and cosy things to wear underneath them. So here is the beginning of a big ol’ guide for stocking up your wardrobe with nice big warm things, oh and they’re also pretty nice too. Starting with…


So you may have a numerous amount of coats, but do you have The Coat? The coat that you can wear with anything, the coat that you know is going to look good. The coat. Well, if you don’t, you’re not alone, neither do I. But after looking at this trusty selection, you may  just find your other half for the rest of the year.

Zara have the most immense clothing at the moment, but the best has to be their coats. I was almost falling off my chair, my christmases all just came at once. Well, 5 did.

Topshop are the old favourites, almost always have what you’re looking for, and the moment you step in the shop, you would like to own it. Every year they do of the greatest selection of coats, here’s what they’ve provided this year…

With H&M only recently making it able to shop and browse online, this is their MOtrend debut. But, it’s not all that great, their coats aren’t shockingly horrible, but they definitley aren’t the best. There isn’t a great selection, but if you look hard enough you might be able to find a gem..

I’ve always seen River Island as a little bit Katie Price, especially as it was once quoted it was her favourite shop :/ But, I have recently chosen to ignore my gut instinct and have a proper look, not a glance. I was pleasantly surprised, as I wasn’t greeted with what I expected…and the coats? not too shabby…

Whistles is slowly creeping up my list of favourite shops. There is hardly a thing I dislike in that shop. And they just happen to have really really lovely coats, that cape’s a favourite.

Urban Outfitters, another firm favourite. They have the perfect causal coats, good for when you don’t want to look too…’coaty’.

Aaaand finally, we have online amazingness Asos. The site where everything is, and having to go through all their coats was my definitely a pleasure. I love these coats. A lot.

O x.x


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