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back again…

I already wrote this post and then it deleted itself omdz. I shall do a different post then and leave that for another day. Instead of spending agees talking shit that probably won’t get read I will simply provide some songs that I’ve been listening to, do enjoy

James Blake- We Might Feel Unsound. Its not on youtube so i cannot provide vid

MYTH-Four Seasons, again not on youtube

O x.x


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Orange RockCorps

So about a week ago a couple of friends and I headed to Brixton to take part in the Orange RockCorps Project. The aim of the project is to motivate and inspire people to volunteer and give back to the community. So all we had to do was register online, select a project and give them a call to validate our spot. The project we chose was a garden clean up in Blenheim Gardens, so we had to weed, plant and scrape and dig up the old soil. Not being a very avid gardener, this all came as a bit of a surprise, learning how to ‘weed’ and actually get the plant out of the plant pot proved a bit more of a challenge than I expected… I may have even turned over a new leaf (couldn’t resist) and become all green fingered. Yes and this feeling lasted a grand total of about 20 minutes.

But even though it was 4 hours worth of work, the time flew by; we had xfm blasting through a stereo, new people to talk to and obviously the healthy competition of whose rake technique is better. Yes and we even managed to run around in a wheelbarrow. So after all our hard work-now heres the best part-we got our free ticket to a gig at Wembley Arena on the 12th of July. But not just an average gig…Primal Scream, Jessie J and Eliza Doolittle with more to be announced. To me, thats a pretty fair deal. 4 hours of pretty fun volunteering in exchange for a completely free ticket. Scoooooore.

Give it a gooooo O x.x

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Okay so its been about a week or so since I purchased the highly anticipated new Friendly Fires album. After being
 obsessed with the first album since its release in 2008, the release of the new one, Pala, was like all my Christmases coming at once. 
Throughout the album, from the opening single Live Those Days Tonight to the finishing track Strangelove (used for the Gucci Guilty advert), a summery,fresh vibe is very prominent. All the better for the upcoming summer months, I’ve already had this album blasting whilst doing a spot of sunbathing and solar ship flying (complex) on Primrose Hill. This second album is definitely (as the Guardian put it) ‘a more sophisticated sound, mixing 80s pop and Ibiza culture into a blissful collision of euphoria and reflection’. Descriptive.
The album also takes on a bit more of a ‘boy band’ feel, with the band themselves saying that the Backstreet Boys did partly inspire some of the tracks. This is particularly noticable with ‘Show Me Lights’ 
My personal favourite track on the album is ‘Blue Cassette’.  The opening tape sound effects, which feature all the way throughout the song, start it off a fairly quiet and subdued song. But this idea is totally shaken up when the drums come in, starting off the chorus, which you can’t help but start singing along to. This is the kind of song that will be in your head for agessss, and for once, its not a bad thing. 
Another fave, True Love. The funky, bass-ier track reminds me more of the first album stuff, a bit of  a dancier track. This is deff a song to dance and shout along to, you can even imagine Ed MacFarlane jumping around to this on stage.
Hurting, probs the danciest track on the album, reminiscent of some dance
tunes from the 70s/80s. Ed’s smooth and echocey vocals suit this song amazingly, it being one of the best features of the song. 
Overall, I think that I may actually (dare I say it..) love this album even more than I loved their debut album. Oh god, never thought I’d manage to say that. The downbeat, boy band-esque R&B of Show Me Lights,  the synthy magicalness of the 80s from True Love and Hurting and the slow, chill airyness of Pala, not to mention the other 8 amazing tracks, make for an amazing second album from Friendly Fires. I can gurantee a ready made summer playlist in this album, so its deffo worth a listen…
See what the band themsleves have to say about Pala… 
BUY IT! O x.x

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Welcome Back…

After quite a hefty absence, MOtrend is being let upon the world once again. Before we get back in to the mega big posts, I thought I’d get back into the swing of the things a bit slower and just provide a few songs I’ve been listening to, rather than you know, blow your mind, with a big ‘ol post about clothes.

Just to let you know, I think I would die for Friendly Fires

Young The Giant

Cajjest song in the world

Yeh, more.

Broken Hearts

Two Door Cinema Club and Young The Giant

Little Comets, probs one of my favourite songs

Enjoy them! Olivia

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BBC Sound of 2011 Longlist-James Blake

OH HAI, readers of MOtrend.

Obviously we need to buck up and stop being so irregular. Apologeeeeees. Anyway, MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR.

So with the start of a new year comes a fresh BBC longlist, filled with as they put it ‘music’s most exciting rising stars’. Well, i’ve sorted my way through them, youtubing and researching and what not to try and gather my own opinion of each. Some I love, some…not so much.  One of my favourites being fellow Londoner James Blake, him also clearly being some other peoples favourite too as he’s tipped to come top of the list. James studied at Goldsmiths after attending Latymer (repppin da west-good to know) and he recorded songs in his bedroom before releasing his debut 12″ “Air and Lack Thereof” on Hemlock Audio in July 2009. Since then he’s managed to find himself on numerous year-end best-of lists and his self-titled album James Blake is due for release on February 7th 2011.

Yeh, so I don’t like describing the music, I always end up sounding like a twat so instead I’ll let you make up your own description in your head:

My personal favourite CMYK>

His cover of Feist’s ‘Limit To Your Love’>

The Bells Sketch>

merry listenin’ O x.x




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Willow Smith

Willow Smith is just cool. She’s ten, and already she’s cooler than me. And you, probably. When we were ten we were making mud pies and our best friend was Baby Born. Willow’s so cool that (at the age of ten) she’s sitting next to Naomi Campbell and Kylie at major fashion events. She’s been compared to Rihanna (her voice is as good, seriously) but we think she’s waaaay cooler. She’s just so down with the kids.

Willow said about her (immensely cool) new track Whip My Hair, ‘It means just be an individual. You can’t be afraid to be yourself.’

We didn’t know who we ‘were’ until we were, like, way past ten… And here Willow is with her own – totally edgy – style and personality. Man, maybe if I just whip my hair back and forth enough times I might just be as cool as Willow Smith.

x.x M

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Egyptian Hip Hop

MOtrend apologises for its absence, there are no excuses.

But we are back on the road again, starting with good old music post. Described  as ‘the fourth leg of north-west England’s 2010 takeover’, Egyptian Hip Hop are rapidly getting bigger, you’ve probably heard, Moon Crooner or Rad Pitt. They sound like really famous old songs, when they’ve only just come out..and they’ve been created by 17 year olds. It just kinda shows how good the songs are, if they already sound so classic. Having only began their musical quest last year, it’s pretty amazing how successful they are already and how much hype there is around them. Enough ramble..

and some visual aids..

Watch out, deeese bitches gorn be big…

O x.x

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